Creating unique cutting edge handmade art pieces.



Angela's hats/sculpture art-pieces are made using a complex knitting process involving 3 needles. They are knitted round to produce a seamless finish throughout the lace. The patterns used are traditional Shetland fine lace designs interspersed with beads. They were inspired from her drawings of the St Ninians Isle treasure bowls in the Shetland Museum. The materials used in these are contemporary metallic yarn or Shetland Supreme un-dyed lace wool.


The dresses are produced with a unique combination of traditional hand knit Shetland Fine lace and hand-drawn engineered prints. She uses un-dyed Shetland Supreme Lace wool for her lace work with Japanese silk, linen or Crepe Silk Satin prints. These are interspersed with antique style beads and linen metallic threads. The prints were inspired from a Migration project from her drawings of Shetlands butterflies and the stitches of lace knitted structures.

Skirts - 125.00 pounds each.

Her unique quirky 'limited addition' mini skits are inspired by Shetlands Nature - her love of Shetlands twilight colour contrasts and her endemic local dialect she so wants to preserve (pretty cool to have your own language! ) Hand-drawn and photographic engineered prints in organic cotton or cotton panama heavy excellent quality/colour/drape). She added her favourite traditional Shetland Fine Lace patterns - all hand knit un-dyed Shetland Supreme fine lace wool front and back pockets creating unique wearable art-pieces which are totally Shetland inspired.

Up-Cycled Art-Pieces & Contemporary Lamps

Angela's up-cycled art pieces are produced from second hand furniture. She up-cycles these with embossed designs (own technique) inspired from the knitted structures of traditional Shetland Lace. She also incorporates hand knit Shetland fine lace wool panels on some - creating unique eye-catching individual sideboards, chests and dressing tables. 'Mirrie Dancers' (Northern Lights) Shetland beaded lace contemporary battery operated table lamps were inspired from her lace hats. They create stunning subtle lacy patterns when lit giving an authentic looking display of the Mirrie Dancers! These come in the un-dyed Shetland Supreme Lace wool shades of Shetland Black and Grey like the night sky.

Shetland fine Lace wool contemporary table lamps. 115.00 pounds each.

Unique Shetland fine Lace wool beaded, hand knit table lamps. Inspired from Angela's drawings of the St Ninian Isle treasure bowls. Available in a choice of traditional Shetland fine Lace patterns and 3 un-dyed wool shades - Shetland white, grey or black.