'Pisca Chest' commission for Shetland Textile Museum 2018.

March 12th 2018
'Pisca Chest' commission for Shetland Textile Museum 2018. Lead Image


An old chest I acquired from 'Pisca' (Midfield Whalsay) a little 'but and ben' Shetland house. I loved its dimensions and character as soon as I saw it. I went for the modern scandi colour pallet, primed and spray painted in matt Antique White. Panels hand knit Shetland Fine Lace in un-dyed Shetland Grey (colour of the sheep) Jamieson & Smiths lace Supreme Shetland wool. Many hours of designing to achieve panels to be a perfect fit when dressed! The drawers were a new challenge with 3 panels each, quite difficult to keep focused when the lace patterns have all lace rows and one has plain alternate! Delighted with the aesthetic layout when finished.

The free hand embossed designs are inspired from the structures of the Shetland lace pattern 'Print O' the Wave'. The 'jumping jack' or ('sea beetle' you find under the stones at the beach) design thats on top of the chest came from drawing these very stitches. Drawing then mirroring over and over for something just comes out at you, then there the 'peerie'(small) beetle was! Cool how a design always takes an organic form when its original source was organic. I wonder what Sammy O' Pisca and his sister would have made of their old chest now if they has still been around.....