The Crugiford Cabinet

May 10th 2018
The Crugiford Cabinet Lead Image

Crugiford Cabinet heirloom upcycle commission.

This cabinet was handmade by Charlie Poleson from 'The Tip' and Crugiford. He was the woodwork teacher for the local Brough and Symbister schools back in the day. I was asked to do an upcycle of this heirloom by his daughter Ruby. Finished in antique white and grey matt paint with 'Shetland White' handknit finelace panels. 100% Shetland undyed finelace wool. The panels are always a challenge to work out as you can see (in photo 3) they are halsf the seize offf the needles before being dressed/sstretched. Very happy with this upcycle vintage/ contemporary finish, suits the style/era of the chest but in todays contemporary 'Scandi' tones.