The Crugiford Cabinet, see Blog for story.

Heirloom upcycle commission. Handknit Shetland Fine Lace panels in 100% undyed Sheland fine wool, with matt antique white and grey paint finish.

"Pisca Chest' Shetland Textile Museum 2018 Lace Theme exhibition.

I was asked to make a bedside chest sized art-piece with my hand knit Shetland Lace panels and embossing for this years Shetland Lace themed exhibition. I was delighted with this commission as I had the perfect chest just recently acquired from and old 'but and ben' in Whalsay called "Pisca" (Midfield). It was in very good condition made really well from cheap wood but a lovely shape with long legs.

I primed, filled and spray painted the chest in matt Antique White paint first. I wanted modern contemporary scandi colours to keep with my seashore theme so I chose Shetland grey un-dyed Shetland Supreme Lace wool for the panels. Decided on my favourite traditional sea and bird old Shetland patterns for the panels - 'Print and Elaborate of the Wave', 'Birdseye' and 'Mrs Montague'. The panels came just how I hoped and the drawer panels were a challenge having three panels and different patterns to negotiate when one is all lace rows and one plain alternate! The drawers look cool, the three panels set out differently from each drawer is aesthetically very pleasing. Dellighted.

I free hand embossed the patterns inspired from the lace patterns. The chest top 'sea beetle' or jumping jack found under the stones at the beach came from drawing the lace stitches and mirroring over and over for something comes out at you. What came out at me was the 'sea beetle'! cool how something organic always comes from an original organic source. Yip the "Pisca Chest' is finished!

Otter drawings

Shetland Jewellery commissioned me for drawings for a new Shetland Otter Jewellery collection in 2010.

Tall Boy Up-cycle heirloom commission Jan 2017.

Embossed design inspired from Shetland fine Lace knitted structures.
Each dot individually hand finished.

Contemporary Shetland Fine Lace beaded table lamp - Mothers Day Commission March 2017

Hand knit beaded Shetland Fline Lace lamp made in the round on 3 needles with beads knitted in. I was asked to knit this one in undyed shetland grey wool 'birds eye' design. I used Shetland Supreme 2ply lace wool. Design inspired from my drawings of the St Ninians Isle treasure bowls.

'Sunset Lace' dress commission April 2017.

'Sunset Lace' dress commissioned by the Shetland Tweed Company for their display gallery.
Old Shetland fine Lace 'Elaborate Print O' the Wave' pattern in un-dyed Shetland black supreme lace wool with tiny copper beads knitted in. Shetland Nature and Landscape inspired hand-drawn and photographic print on Japanese silk.

'Pisca Chest' commission for Shetland Textile Museum 2018.