Up-Cycled Art-Pieces & Contemporary Lamps

"Pisca Chest' Shetland Textile Museum 2018 Lace Theme exhibition.

Up-cycled chest with Shetland hand knit Fine Lace panels and free hand embossed design. Many many hours work.

Shetland Fine Lace Wool Sideboard

Unique Shetland Fine Lace Wool sideboard, up-cycled to heirloom art-piece. The top is white waxed to give a modern Scandi finish. Embossed edges from stitches of Print o the Wave graceful Shetland pattern on doors. Side panels Alice Maude design from the 1800s all knitted in un-dyed Shetland Supreme lace wool. Three months work.

Contemporary beaded Shetland fine Lace table lamp. (white glass mains power.)

Hand knitted using Shetland Supreme lace wool in 3 sheep shades of Shetland black, grey and white. Choose your colour and favourite pattern!

Shetland Fine Lace patterns to choose from.

Shetland Supreme un-dyed fine lace wool. Fine Lace Shetland patterns available in 'Print o’the wave', 'Birds Eye', 'Horse Shoe', 'Zigzag' and 'Mrs Montague's Pattern'. They come in the shades of the sheep! Shetland Black (dark brown), Grey and Shetland White (off white).

Sideboard Heirloom

Unique retro but now contemporary! Up-cycled sideboard heirloom art-piece. Own embossed technique. The ‘jumping jack’ and ‘mermaids purse’ lace designs inspired from drawings of Shetland fine lace knitted structures.

Dressing Table

Unique retro but now contemporary! up-cycled dressing table heirloom art-piece. Embossed with own technique. Designs inspired from drawings of Shetland Lace knitted structures.

Mirrie Dancers coloured lamp/art piece

‘Mirrie Dancers’ northern lights (coloured) lamp/art piece. It projects the lace patterns subtly to the wall and ceiling slowly changing colour, really pretty authentic and quite magical! Comes in any of the lace pattens in the white light designs but these only come in Shetland Black and grey like the night starry sky….. battery or mains operated seen here in this video.