Other creations

Otter cusions

Cushions I made from prints of my drawings, available from Shetland jewellery at their Weisdale shop. Cushions also available from myself at 40.00 each.

Otter greeting cards

Greetings cards also available from Shetland Jewellery’s Weisdale Shop and from myself at my price of 2.50 each and 15.00 for pack of 6 assorted. They are in cellophane with envelope.

Biodiversity stamp wall canvas prints

These were designed for my RSA Biodiversity stamp project in Shetland College final year of my BA. I chose migration as my theme, two of each species of bird, fish and butterfly that migrate to and around Shetland. A very interesting project when you research each of their journeys and habitats. These key messages are very topical and apply to our human migration world today.

I drew A2 portraits of each in chalk pastel then manipulated digitally to produce 6 stamps with key messages to their life and purpose. The lyrics of famous songs are what I was singing in my head when I was drawing them as you do!

‘Migration is Life’ “spread your tiny wings and fly away…”
This was a proto type, which turned out to be one of my favourite prints. I didn’t use this one because I wanted to focus on Shetland wildlife. The clouded Yellow is now a common butterfly in England due to warmer summers and climate change.

‘Habitat is everything’ “Im gonna wait till the midnight hour….”
The Corncrake now endangered due to loss of natural habitat. They used to be common in Shetland but are now rare. They are known for their unusual call at dusk!

‘Diet Diversity’ “the long and winding road”
Mackerel are plentiful and successful with strict fishing quotas - they can eat anything even each other! The mackerel is a very important fish to Shetlands economy and migrate all the way round the British Isles.

‘Pollinator of Fragrance’ “come fly with me lets fly lets fly away…”
A flower pollinated by a butterfly has a much sweeter prettier fragrance – amazing, the Painted Lady butterfly is a common Shetland summer migrant.

‘Indicators of Biodiversity’ “spread your tiny wings and fly away…”
Butterflies are used scientifically more often than birds now to indicate changes in biodiversity as they are more sensitive to change. The Red Admiral is a common summer migrant to Shetland.

‘Migration is Life’ “fly me to the moon…” the Swallow migrates as far as Shetland from South Africa, their journey becoming harder as the Sahara expands – amazing journey!

‘River to Sea’ The Salmon has migrated by man to Shetland we now have Salmon Farms in the North Voe below our house.

Canvases are 30 x 30 cm, 4cm deep 45.00 pounds each.

Biodiversity stamp cushions

Biodiversity stamp cushions 40 x 340 cm Cotton Twill machine wash. 45.00 pounds.

‘Migration is Life’ spread your tiny wings and fly away….
‘Habitat is everything’ im gonna wait till the midnight hour….
‘Diet Diversity’ the long and winging road…
‘Indicators of Biodiversity’ spread your tiny wings and fly away….
‘River to Sea’ take me to the river….
‘Migration is Life’ fly me to the moon…
‘Pollinator of Fragrance’ come fly with me , lets fly lets fly away….